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Did you know that only 1 in 3 people with diagnosable mental illness seak help? The other two thirds will suffer in silence, afraid of the isolation and judgement that admitting they have a problem may bring.

Stigma is a dangerous and damaging thing.
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Ok Listen up. I need everyone to read this. Climbing is my life. My passion… It is the thing I love more than anything. Thing is it’s really messing with my recovery and I guess the problem came when my eating disorder took over and climbing turned from fun to a calorie burning activity a way to mesure my progress in weight loss.

It hasn’t been as much of a problem until recantly I guess that’s because I’ve only just started mentally recovering. Until almost exactly a month ago I was only eating to get away from creepy doctors and weigh ins. Sure I wanted to get better. Live a normal life but the motivation wasn’t fully there. I’ve only recantly taken that step to mentally recovering.

I guess it’s time to say goodbye. I’m not going to quit climbing… I am still going to go climbing but I can;t compete anymore and I’m not sure I will beable to go on a friday..This is for a number of reasons I would like to bulletpoint.

The word competition makes me want to relapse. Lose a ton of weight because it will make me a better climber.
I use climbing andf how my harness does up as a mesure I know I’m. Fatter. Fatter than everyone else there. I just feel like a massive failure
People wanting me to do the next competition when I can’t…
It is so sad… like I am breaking while writing this. It annoys me that soemthing so silly has got in the way of something I loved so much. I’m not sure but maybe telling my climbing instructor about my ED would help?? If I get the courage. Then I could still go on fridays. Face it he doesn’t NEED me at the next competition everyone else is way better than me.

I just ate at my nans the portion size was way to huge and although the actualy curry sauce was weight watchers It was so hard to eat the meal and then I had to eat a dessert. I was almost crying. I didn’t want to eat. I really just. I’m too fat… and this is what climbing seems to do with my now. Well when I go on a friday more than any other time.

Anyway enough ranting about my life. I am going to speak out and make a statement.


Eating disorders in the climbing world is a very hidden thing. You wouldn’t expect a climber to have an eating disorder would you. More ballerinas and gymnasts. The thing is climbers do develop eating disorders.  Ever heard the term weight to muscle ratio! See for young climbers while developing especially when competing and put underpressure this term can send any pre-disposed mind into frenzy. Even if X has not directed it to you… Someone else in the group maybe. Comments like “There’s nothing of you” Make someone with an eating disorder want to get skinnier. If a 12 year old can climb a 6c+ why can’t you. Simply because she weighs less than you. To the eating disorder it has nothing to do with how much they climb or how long they’ve been climbing for but the weight and it really does get in the way.

It’s basic physics knowledge the lower your mass the easier it will be to get up the wall. Thus being skinnier, lighter. Unhealthy thin will make you the best climber you can be.

You see my point. I know climbers are percived as strong. And ment to be toned have muscle but they still do develop eating disorders. Think of it like this. Climbers are like balleriners and gymnast just on a wall. Just watch a few videos. It’s beautiful It really is.

I’m not even saying it’s just female climbers with eating disorders. It is male too. Ok females are more at risk because in society it is much more acceptable for men to be muscly also men and women climb in very different ways.

You may disagree with my. Say it’s unheaqrd of. Deny it all. But it’s not and we need to raise awareness for this. Make it more acceptable to talk to. It is not just me suffering. There are others. This also isn’t just about young people in climbing developing ED’s but adults on the pro circit or even not competing just climbign outdoors. Once they seem to have reached a plateau the most simple thing to do would be to lose a bit of excess fat. It would make climbing easier. Just a couple of kg can make all the difference. (Seriously I am proof of that) A diet to lose some excess fat can go to far. We climbers are very committed people and we will do anything to achive THAT climb. THAT MOVE. We can also me quite competitive.Sometimes it can spin out of control and we need to raise awarness for eating disorders in the climbing world.

Now listen to some music that I relate to my short lived climbing career. (Not saying i’m quitting forever just for the moment some things need to stop)… (City of angels 30stm)… (Up in the air 30STM)… (Welcome home - Radical face)… (Kids - MGMT)… (Wake me up when september ends - Green day {I climbed my first 6a+ when this played. A very sick girl at the time… I onsited it like a badass}… (Intro - The xx)… (Midnight city - M83)… (Holiday in cambodia - The dead kennedys [This seemed to be playingevery time I went with my dad}… (Viva la vida - Coldplay)… (Young folks - Peter Borjn and John)
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